Ride With Pathao

Earn upto 40,000 every month

Be your own boss and get paid in fares for riding on your own schedule.

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One app. All of Pathao.

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Tell your friends where you are by sharing your journey.


Share your code with two of your friends and ask them to use the code for their first ride. Your friends get 50% off on their first ride and you get 50% off on your next ride!


Buses are cheap but inconvenient. Other modes of transportation are expensive and still not 100% convenient. We have the perfect balance of cost and convenience. Look below for pricing.


From our analysis, a person using Rides will save approximately 30%-40% in travel time. Bikes can beat traffic better than any other mode of transportation. You know it!

Ride With Pathao

Earn upto 40,000 every month

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The bikers!


All the Riders have been verified by us. Not random people with bikes that we don't know. They went through multiple phases of screening, training and tests!

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How to use
Pathao rides

With just a few clicks, you’ll have a rider at your pickup location within 15 minutes, ready to take you to your destination. It’s that simple!

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Download the Pathao App from Google Playstore: https://goo.gl/oGl83M and sign up with your mobile number. (The app is compatible with smartphones only, for Android 4.4 and above, and for iOS version 10 or above).
Nope! The app is free of cost.
You can only create one profile with one mobile number.
No, there is no need to re-register. Just use your mobile number.
Please check your internet and GPS connectivity, and Request a Ride again. If there is no response, it is possible that riders are unavailable at that point. Please try again, later.
You can use the app to select your pick up location and destination and then request for a ride.
Pathao Rides is currently only available in Kathmandu, but we are working on setting up operations in other major cities. To be the first to catch our rides in your home town, keep in touch and follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/pathaonpl/
You can avail a ride whenever Riders are available.
You can cancel your ride in case of any issues, but you must notify the Rider.
The base fare is NPR 15, and the fare per km travelled is NPR 25. The fare is calculated by the app.
There are no waiting charges for traffic jams. There is a waiting charge for voluntary pauses.
Just one passenger can sit on the back of the motorcycle ride.
You can hire a ride for someone else by your account. You just have to confirm the ride about the order identity.
You can book one ride at a time.
A helmet is provided for passengers.
The riders are being screened through a rigorous recruitment program, and only the riders who meet the qualities of a safe rider are retained. Then they have been trained thoroughly on field.
Pathao conducts thorough safety checks of the bikes once in every week. Any repairs or changes are made immediate after spotting an issue.
You will get full damage coverage if such scenario occurs.
If the ride doesn’t show up you can put a complaint via our hotline.
If the ride comes late, you can put a complaint via our hotline for such occurrence too.
If you are happy enough to share your experience, feel free to share your story in our official Facebook page. If you have any complaint you can use our hotline.
Currently you can only pay by cash on reaching the destination.